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Cast & Crew Memories

Deanna Glasser We were set to open then 9/11 happened. Opening was postponed until the next weekend. The opening weekend audiences laughed more than I expected. I guess we all needed to escape and laugh at the frivolities of the upper class and their comparitively minor troubles. I think I had 9 costume and, of course, accessory/shoe changes. For the final scene, I had to paint my nails red with quick dry polish and then put on gloves. [1.16.06]

Eric Ventress The Women was the first show I'd done tech crew exclusively on (and it's been nothing but that ever since...). It's funny to think back to, as I was pretty laid-back and nonchalant about everything back then; "What, the chair needs to be in the exact place every time? Okay, whatever." My my, how things change... [1.16.06]

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The Women

by Clare Boothe Luce

Performance Dates

September 14-29, 2001


The cast of The Women
Character Actor
Edith Adele Akin
Euphie, Helene Cara Anderson
2nd Salesgirl, 2nd Cutie Emily Apuzzo
Little Mary Sofia Apuzzo
Olga Laurel Baker
Exercise Instructress, 2nd Society Woman Teri Beck
1st Hairdresser, Miss Myrtle, Debutante Kimberly Becker
Miss Fordyce, Miss Trimmerback, Cigarette Girl Carmen Benick
Sylvia Caroline Davis
Lucy Mancia Davis
2nd Saleswoman, Dowager Catherine Doona
Mary Deanna Glasser
Maggie, 1st Society Woman Judy Jackson
Countess de Lage Meigie Mabry
Peggy Jennifer Nolan
Jane Tiffany Poulouse
Pedicurist, 1st Salesgirl, 1st Cutie Lane Proffitt
Nancy Pat Rulon
Mrs. Morehead Jacque Scarbrough
Princess Tamara, Girl in Distress Ann Seamans
Miss Shapiro Amy Sibulkin
2nd Hairdresser, Miss Watts, Sadie Linda Speir
Crystal Kaitlin Steer
Nurse Carol Warren
Miriam Jennifer Winter


The crew for The Women
Position Crew Member
Director, Set Designer & Decorator Joy Warren
Producer Robin Guest
Stage Managers John Devine
Daryl Pike
Fight Choreography John Devine
Costume Coordinator Mancia Davis
Lighting Design Chris Warren
Sound Design Glenn Warren II
Set Construction Lead Mike Tajalle
Fundraiser Carol Warren
Assistant Director Daryl Pike
Backstage Crew Eric Ventress
Jodi Phillips
Bill Herrick
Publicity Brian Hill
Program Design Matt Guest
Photography Todd Carpenter

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