The Winter's Tale

Terry Thompson, Ivan Everitt, Ned Massey, Elizabeth Bell, Wesley Paine, Riley Bryant, Karen Eke
(left to right)

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The Winter's Tale

by William Shakespeare

Performance Dates

February 2-17, 2001


The cast of The Winter's Tale
Character Actor
Camillo Ivan Everitt
Archidamas / Clown Nicholas Fleming
Polixenes Ned Massey
Leontes Terry Thompson
Hermione Elizabeth Bell
Mamillius / Young Clown Ned Hildebrand
Paulina Wesley Paine
Emilia / Mposa / Bohemian Servant Caroline Davis
Lady 1 / Servant / Dorcas / Gentleman 2 Sharon Collins
Cleomenes Jordan Keller
Antigonus / Gentleman 1 Weldon Stice
Jailer / Florizel Riley Bryant
Lady 2 / Perdita Karen Eke
Male Servant / Dion Hal Wilson
Officer / Autolycus Marc Mazzone
Mariner / Gentleman 3 / Sicilian Servant Jack E. Chambers
Old Shepherd Hank Hildebrand


The crew for The Winter's Tale
Position Crew Member
Director Rick Seay
Producers Jennifer Rybolt
Stage Manager Daryl Pike
Assistant Stage Manager Karla Arwood
Costumer Caryn White
Costume Crew Rick Harrell
Lighting Design Rich Davis
Set Design Gregg Colson
Set Crew Chief John Elliott
Sound Design Lynn Bowden
Sound Execution Grant King
Make-Up Jennifer Harrington
Set Construction John Elliott
Grant King
Daryl Pike
Toddtoneal Colson
Gregg Colson
Todd Ridley
Shakespearean Consultant Ann Cook
Trio Music Maureen Riley
Autolycus' Songs Jordan Keller, Russ Keller
Poster Design Rosanne Cornbrooks
Program / Advertising Design Danny Proctor
Photography Gregg Colson

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