Two Rooms

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Two Rooms

by Lee Blessing

Performance Dates

January 10-25, 2014


An American educator, Michael, is taken hostage in Beirut in the 1980s. His wife, Lanie, is left in their home with only a by-the-book state department official and an opportunistic reporter to keep her company. Meanwhile, Michael speaks unwritten letters to his wife in an attempt to make sense of his captivity. Two Rooms explores loneliness, loss, duty and devotion is a tight drama that feels as current today as when written decades ago.


The cast of Two Rooms
Character Actor
Lainie Daryn Jackson
Michael Bralyn Stokes
Walker Phil Brady
Ellen Natalie Stone


The crew for Two Rooms
Position Crew Member
Director Scott Hutcheson
Assistant Director & Stage Manager Shreyas Patel
Lighting Designer David McGinnis
Costumes Natalie Stone
Music & Sound Scott Hutcheson

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