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The Trojan Women

by Euripides

Performance Dates

November 21-December 6, 2008


The cast of The Trojan Women
Character Actor
Hecuba Meigie Mabry
Talithybius Diego Gomez
Cassandra Jes Mercer
Andromache Kendra Ford
Athena Rebekah Lyons
Poseidon Casey Craig
The Chorus Heidi Kocalis
Alwyn Mothershed
Miranda Fisher
Soldier Dave Shetler
Astyanax Naomi Kocalis


The crew for The Trojan Women
Position Crew Member
Director Pete Hiett
Stage Manager Emily Lowery
Costumes Peggy Hiett
Emily Lowery
Lighting Casey Craig
Shane Lowery
Set Construction David Shetler
Heidi and Naomi Kocalis
Kendra Ford
Meigie Mabry
Casey Craig
Emily Lowery

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