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Cast & Crew Memories

Danny Proctor Hands down, my favorite play. It was a longtime dream to play Ludie and I thank Sean for casting me. I'd known Marianne and Cinda for years and it helped make our chemistry onstage very real. The hardest show to let go of I've ever done. I still miss it. [10.25.05]

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The Trip To Bountiful

by Horton Foote

Performance Dates

Nov. 6-21, 1998


The cast of The Trip To Bountiful
Character Actor
Mrs. Carrie Watts Marianne Clark
Ludie Watts Danny Proctor
Jessie Mae Watts Cinda McCain
Thelma Krys Collins
Houston Ticket Man Lee Stephens
Travelers Jan Dial
Jay Frey
Second Ticket Man Leonard Williamson
Harrison Ticket Man Bob Young
Sheriff Jack E. Chambers


The crew for The Trip To Bountiful
Position Crew Member
Director A. Sean O'Connell
Producer Robert A. O'Connell
Assistant Director & Stage Manager Art Elrod
Technical Director & Set Design Jonathan Stephens
Costume & Set Decoration Rick Harrell
Sound Execution Jeremy Fountain
Lighting Crew Les Beaver
Mancia Davis
Assistant Stage Managers Amber Westbrook
Lucia Tuleen
Properties Deanna Glasser
Running Crew Jay Frey
Jan Dial
Lee Stephens

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