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Titus Andronicus

by William Shakespeare

Performance Dates

October 24-November 8, 2008


The cast of Titus Andronicus
Character Actor
Lavinia Lauren Atkins
Prince Bassianus Scott Russell
Prince Saturninus John Devine
Marcus Andronicus Bob Young
Captain / Aemillius Alison Richards
Queen Tamora Kay Ayers-Sowell
Demetrius Richard Sparkman
Chiron Starina Johnson
Alarbus Estelle Hatcher
Aaron the Moor David Chattam
Titus Andronicus Dave Thoreson
Lucius Pat Rulon
Quintus Eric Ventress
Martius Molly Hoekstra
Tribunes Sara Dhom
Julianna Smith
Estelle Hatcher
Young Lucius Markus McClain
Messenger Julianna Smith
Nurse Estelle Hatcher
Plubius Molly Hoekstra
Caius Juliana Smith
Clown Sara Dhom
Valentine Alison Richards
Goths Molly Hoekstra
Julianna Smith
Eric Ventress


The crew for Titus Andronicus
Position Crew Member
Director Melissa Bedinger Hade
Stage Manager Daryl Pike
Technical Director Kirby Hade
Fight Choreography Gus Gillette
Fight Captain Alison Richards
Light Design Davin J. Ranta
Set & Costumes Melissa Bedinger Hade
Assistant Stage Manager Eric Ventress
Prop Mistress Estelle Hatcher

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