Three Tall Women

Jessica Wilsey, Pat Rulon, Melissa Bedinger-Hade
(left to right)

Cast & Crew Memories

Melissa Hade The role of A was my first time acting in 7 years. Pat Rulon is as gracious as she is talented, because Albee presented quite a challenge for my memorization skills. Wow! what a baptism by fire!!! Thanks for the thrill Daryl! [10.25.05]

Danny Proctor I helped Daryl with this show and it was such a great experience. Pat Rulon is one of the best actresses we have, as is Melissa (who stepped in late in the rehearsal process) ... "We had horses." I had known Jessica for a while and was so pleased she auditioned. A beautiful and moving show! [10.25.05]

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Three Tall Women

by Edward Albee

Performance Dates

September 12-27, 2003


The cast of Three Tall Women
Character Actor
The Young Woman Jessica Wilsey
The Middle-Aged Woman Pat Rulon
The Old Woman Melissa Bedinger-Hade
The Young Man Mark Sanders


The crew for Three Tall Women
Position Crew Member
Director Daryl Pike
Producer Jennifer Rybolt
Assistant Producer Kendra Carter
Stage Manager Suzanne Gleason
Assistant Stage Manager Mark Sanders
Costumes Deanna Glasser
Set Design Melissa Hade
Set Construction Kirby Hade
Set Painter Donagh Gleason
Lighting Design Richard Davis
Master Electrician Jack E. Chambers
Lighting Crew Lynda Cameron
Leah Thornhill
Props Melissa Hade
Jennifer Rybolt
Photography Gregg Colson
Program and Ad Design Danny Proctor

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