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Ten Little Indians

by Agatha Christie

Performance Dates

October 31-November 16, 1997


The cast of Ten Little Indians
Character Actor
Rogers D.J. Qualls
Mrs. Rogers Sarah Kiefer
Fred Narracott Todd G. Smith
Phillip Lombard Jack E. Chambers
Vera Claythorne Kay Ayers
Tone Marston Christin Baker
William Blore Daron J. Bruce
General MacKenzie John Wilson
Emily Brent Paula Bolton
Sir Lawrence Wargrave Jim Wright
Dr. Armstrong Vickie Jones


The crew for Ten Little Indians
Position Crew Member
Director Mancia Davis
Producer Daryl Pike
Assistant Producers David Arnholter
Ramona Richards
Stage Manager Tom Larkin
Assistant Stage Managers Darren Stuart
Shawn McWhorter
Properties Design G. Kyle Rybczyk
Costume Design Sunny Spain
Set Design Doug Whatley
Lighting Design Les Beaver
Sound Design David Sesler
Technical Director Les Beaver
Set Dresser Stephen Henry
Sound Execution Jay Krenson
Fight Choreography Jason Sowell

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