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by Molière

Performance Dates

October 22-24, 29-31, November 5-6, 2004


The cast of Tartuffe
Character Actor
Mme. Pernelle Trish Moalla
Orgon John Devine
Elmire Lauren Atkins
Damis Matthew G. Davis
Mariane Whitney Rowland
Valere Michael Brooks
Cleante David Bayer
Tartuffe Jack E. Chambers
Dorine Valerie Meek
M. Loyal Eric Pasto-Crosby
Police Officer Carey Kotsionis
Flipote Melissa Landry


The crew for Tartuffe
Position Crew Member
Director Marc Mazzone
Producer Daryl Pike
Stage Manager Suzanne Gleason
Assistant Stage Manager Eric Ventress
Choreography Anna Harwood
Lighting Design Doug Whatley
Lighting Execution Scott Wold
Set Design Jim Manning
Set Construction Joe Stinemetz
Bud Wilcoz
Set Painter Gregg Colson
Costume Design Pat Rulon
Deanna Glasser
Costume Crew Marcia Hager
Lucille Teeples
Sound Patrick Taylor
Properties Design Joan Keith
On-Book Akua Taylor
Original Art Caryn Cast
Photography Jim Manning
Daryl Pike
Poster & Program Design Danny Proctor
Publicity Jill Mothershed

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