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The Taming of the Shrew

by William Shakespeare

Performance Dates

February 5-21, 1993


The cast of The Taming of the Shrew
Character Actor
Christopher Sly Marc Goldhamer
Hostess Sara Simon
Lord Shelton Clark
1st Huntsman Alexa Bosse
2nd Huntsman Kyle Rybczyk
Page Mike Paisner
Master of the Players David Winton
Lucentio Ric E. Legg
Tranio Randy Noël
Baptista Minola Weldon Stice
Gremio Bob Young
Hortensio Paul Felton
Bianca Nicolle Coke
Katherine Arita Trahan
Biodello Alexa Bosse
Petruchio David Winton
Grumio Mark Powell
Servant to Baptista Shelton Clark
Priest Kyle Rybczyk
Attendant to Katherine Sara Simon
Curtis Shelton Clark
Nathaniel Kyle Rybczyk
Haberdasher Kyle Rybczyk
Tailor Shelton Clark
Merchant Kyle Rybczyk
Vincentio Shelton Clark
Widow Sara Simon


The crew for The Taming of the Shrew
Position Crew Member
Director Jenny Wallace
Producer Randy Noël
Stage Managers Jaie Bosse
Kathryn Stinson
Fight Choreographer Tony McAlister
Lighting Design Randy Parsons
Music Consultant Philip W. Griffin, Ph.D.
Light and Sound Execution Jaie Bosse
Costume Design Jenny Wallace
Properties Soni Strassle
Set Design Jenny Wallace
Randy Noël
Set Construction Randy Noël
D.J. Ranta
Poster/Wagon Art Melissa Bedinger
Wagon Painting Melissa Bedinger
Aileen Loy
Hair Stylist/Dresser Edyie McGee
Special Promotions Marianne Clark
Sara Simon
Photographer Rebecca Walk
Printer Flash Printing of Hendersonville
House Manager Robert O'Connell

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