Take Me Out

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Take Me Out

by Richard Greenberg

Performance Dates

May 1-9, 2015


Take Me Out is a modern cautionary tale about the power of words. The power of labels and names. How and what we call each other colors our every perception of every situation. However, it is not always heavy, it is a delicate weave of race, gender, baseball, friendship and America. More relevant today than when it was written even. It moves as deftly as a well executed double play and will leave you, mouth agape, as you witness the power and majesty of an out-of-the-park homerun.


The cast of Take Me Out
Character Actor
Darren Lemming Joel Diggs
Kippy Sunderstrom Kurt Jarvis
Mason Marzac Bradley Moore
Shane Mungitt Eric Butler
Jason Chenier Connor Hall
Toddy Koovitz Daniel Vincent
Davey Battle Leon Blandon III
Takeshi Kawabata Robert Marigza
Martinez Fernando Ochoa
Rodriguez Shawn Whitsell
Skipper Cabot Pyle
William R. Danziger Dave McGinnis


The crew for Take Me Out
Position Crew Member
Director Joy Tilley Perryman
Stage Manager Darell Crawford
Props & Costumes Joy Tilley Perryman
Set Design Dave McGinnis
Set Construction Dave McGinnis
Cabot Pyle
Joel Diggs
Scenic Design Macon Kimbrough
Scenic Design Crew Macon Kimbrough
Melissa Bakewell
Melissa Williams
Light Design Dave McGinnis
Light Board Operator Rob Miller
Sound Design Joy Tilley Perryman
Sound Board Operator Susan Cole
Spanish Language Consultants Fernando Ochoa
Rob Miller
Poster & Program Cover Design Tom Ventress, Ventress Design Works

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