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Sweet Bird of Youth

by Tennessee Williams

Performance Dates

April 1-2, 8-10, 15-17, 1994


The cast of Sweet Bird of Youth
Character Actor
Chance Wayne Charles Howard
Princess Kosmonopolis Sean O'Connell
Skip Robert Myers
George Scudder Bob Young
Dan Hatcher David Dosch
Boss Finley Weldon Stice
Tom Junior James Chamberlin
Aunt Nonnie Bonita Allen
Heavenly Finley Michele Thompson
Charlotte Carla Coble
Stuff Mark Powell
Woman with an Orchid Meri Howard
Man at Bar Barry Lindsey
Miss Lucy Cinda McCain
The Heckler Mark Block
Violet Kyla Marie Mostello
Edna Robin Herigas
Scotty Shelton Clark
Bud Ric E. Legg
Understudy for Miss Lucy Robin Herigas
Understudy for Edna Meri Howard


The crew for Sweet Bird of Youth
Position Crew Member
Director Robert O'Connell
Assistant Director / Stage Manager Kerry Smith
Assistant Stage Manager Sheri Porter
Producer David Winton
Set Designer Sam Craig
Set Construction Sam Craig
D.J. Ranta
Mark J. Frandsen
Mancia Davis
David Dosch
Dan Davis
Jack Kelly
Kirk Brown
Bob Young
Paul Felton
Stephen Landers
Laurie Ranta
Arita Trahan
David Winton
Lighting Designer Randy Parsons
Sound Designer Dan Easterly
Properties Mancia Davis
Lights/Sound Execution Laurie Ranta
D.J. Ranta
Costume Designers Loretta Gashler
Soni Strassle
Doris Kinker
Stage Crew John Cable
Winston Tucker
Program/Poster Art Design Roger A. Clayton
Publicity Arita Trahan
Publicity Photos Rebecca Walk
Music (Horn Solo) Horton Monroe

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