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Summer in the City

by Athol Fugard ("The Drummer"), Jon Jory ("Scruples"), Jason Katims ("The Man Who Couldn't Dance"), Jane Martin ("Making the Call"), Brooke Berman ("Dancing With a Devil"), Bob Krakower ("Open All Night"), Val Smith ("Meow"), Murphy Guyer ("The Interrogation"), and Jose Rivera ("Tape")

Performance Dates

July 7-29, 2000


The cast of Summer in the City
Character Actor

The Drummer

The Drummer Ed Haggard
featuring Carey James


Jane Holly Allen
Lois Beth Morrow
Marti Kaytie Morris
Mrs. Dobbs Pat Rulon
Man Gregg Colson

The Man Who Couldn't Dance

Gale Tracey Vance
Eric Pierre Johnson

Making the Call

Elizabeth Lisa Baugh
Parker Bob Young

Dancing With a Devil

Woman Holly Allen
Woman (4 years younger) Kaytie Morris
Man Gregg Colson

Open All Night, Meow, and The Interrogation

Waitress Kaytie Morris
Doc Gregg Colson
Bartender Bob Young
Man Philip Piarrot
Pat Myra Anderson
Linda Daphne Larkin
Woman Holly Allen


Attendant Adele Akin
Person Art Elrod
The Voice Deanna Glasser


The crew for Summer in the City
Position Crew Member
Director: "The Drummer", "Scruples", "Dancing With a Devil" Robert A. O'Connell
Director: "The Man Who Couldn't Dance", "Tape" Pat Rulon
Director: "Open All Night", "Meow", "The Interrogation" Riley Bryant
Producers Bill Herrick
A. Sean O'Connell
Stage Manager Bill Herrick
Assistant Stage Managers Erica Peden
Mary Helen Young
Lighting Design Mancia Davis
Sound Design ("The Drummer") Ed Haggard, Carey James Productions
Sound & Lights Crew Bill Herrick
Jeremy Fountain
Set Construction & Load-in Jonathan Stephens
A. Sean O'Connell
Tom Larking
Riley Bryant
Bill Herrick
Kaytie Morris
Mancia Davis
Philip Piarrot
Holly Allen
Poster Design Philip Piarrot
Program & Ad Design Danny Proctor

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