The Subject Was Roses

Greg Welsch, A. Sean O'Connell, Daniel Vincent
(left to right)

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The Subject Was Roses

by Frank D. Gilroy

Performance Dates

January 21-February 5, 2000


The cast of The Subject Was Roses
Character Actor
John Cleary Greg Welsch
Nettie Cleary A. Sean O'Connell
Timmy Cleary Daniel Vincent


The crew for The Subject Was Roses
Position Crew Member
Director Robert A. O'Connell
Producers Art Elrod
Associate Producer A. Sean O'Connell
Stage Manager Delores Mccreery
Assistant Stage Manager Cliff Mosteller
Set Design Robert A. O'Connell
Set Decoration / Properties Boyd Cagle
Lighting Design Cathy Matthews
Sound Design Robert A. O'Connell
Light Crew Jack E. Chambers
Delores McCreery
Light and Sound Execution Bill Herrick
Mancia Davis
David Mcginnis
Robin Guest
Program / Advertising Design Danny Proctor
Hair Frank Preston
Photography Gregg Colson
Military Consultant Ryan O'Connell

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