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A Streetcar Named Desire

by Tennessee Williams

Performance Dates

Fall, 1990


The cast of A Streetcar Named Desire
Character Actor
Negro Woman P.C. Denver
Eunice Hubbell Susan Davis
Stanley Kowalksi Brian Hull
Stella Kowalksi Virginia Burke
Steve Hubbell Trey Follis
Harold Mitchell (Mitch) Greg Welsch
Blanche DuBois Cinda McCain
Pablo Gonzales Keith Sims
A Young Collector Steve Evans
Mexican Woman Barbara Harmon
Doctor Jim Keffer
Nurse Leigh Ann Staley


The crew for A Streetcar Named Desire
Position Crew Member
Director Bill Staley
Producer Greg Grimsley, Sr.
Stage Manager Melissa Williams
Set Design Randy Parsons
Set Construction Randy Parsons
Kirk Brown
Bill Staley
Leigh Ann Staley
Greg Grimsley, Sr.
Greg Grimsley, Jr.
Tom Mullins
Greg Welsch
Brian Hull
Virginia Burke
Susan Davis
Jim Butts
Tommy Scales
Barry Lindsay
Sheri Porter
Beverly Bain
Mitze Simpkins
Lou Grimsley
Lighting Design Randy Parsons
Bill Staley
Lighting Operator Jim Butts
Tom Mullins
Sound Design Bill Staley
Sound Operator Kirk Brown
Costumes Susan Davis
Leigh Ann Staley
Melissa Williams
Brian Hull
Greg Welsche
Cinda McCain
Properties Melissa Williams
Leigh Ann Staley
Susan Davis
Brian Hull
Greg Grimsley, Sr.
Publicity Paul Felton
Poster Artwork Paul Castree
Tim Schultheis
Program Artwork Bill Staley
"Varsouviana" Music Performance Paul Castree
Jaff Tayler

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