Spoon River Anthology

Rachel Agee, Penelope Waller, Mike Beckham
(left to right)

Cast & Crew Memories

Kellye Mitchell This was a beautiful show from beginning to end. I don't think I've ever worked with such an easy-going group. This was definitely one of the few I didn't want to see end. Thanks Wesley! And thanks to my fellow cast mates! [9.22.06]

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Spoon River Anthology

by Edgar Lee Master

Performance Dates

January 20-28, 2006


The cast of Spoon River Anthology
Character Actor
The Ensemble: Rachel Agee
  Mike Beckham
  Treg Miles
  Kellye Mitchell
  Jill Mothershed
  Michael Roark
  Weldon Stice
  Penelope Waller
The Musicians: Jack E. Chambers
  Caroline Davis
  Joe Klockenkemper


The crew for Spoon River Anthology
Position Crew Member
Director Wesley Paine
Producer and Music Director Brian T. Hill
Stage Manager Christy Thomas
Light Designer Sam Frazee
Sound Designer Bradlee Ward
Board Operator India John

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