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Six Degrees of Separation

by John Guare

Performance Dates

February 7-23, 2003


The cast of Six Degrees of Separation
Character Actor
Ouisa Wesley Paine
Flan Tom Good
Geoffrey Weldon Stice
Paul William Taylor
Hustler / Doorman Jack E. Chambers
Kitty Trish Moalla
Larkin Michael Roark
Detective Brian Lee Jones
Tess Demetriss Moore
Woody Eric Strahan
Ben Sean Wilson
Dr. Fine Billy Rosenberg
Doug Mark Sanders
Trent David Shearer
Rick Erik Wagner
Elizabeth Shannon Floyd


The crew for Six Degrees of Separation
Position Crew Member
Director A. Sean O'Connell
Producer Robert O'Connell
Stage Manager Daryl Pike
Technical Director / Lighting Designer John Northrup
Lighting Crew John Northrup
Lindsay Northrup
Sean O'Connell
Set Construction Crew Kirk Brown
Eric Strahan
Robert O'Connell
Trish Moalla
Tom Good
Erik Wagner
Kandinski / Money artist Susan Ludwig
Photography Linda Wylie
Cover Art Arthur Kirkby
Script Manager Tony Correro
Assistant to the Director Jack E. Chambers

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