The Shadow Box

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The Shadow Box

by Michael Cristofer

Performance Dates

October 12-27, 2012


On the grounds of a large hospital, three patients, Joe, Brian, and Felicity, are sharing vacation cabins with their respective families. As they have reached the end of their treatments, they have agreed to be part of a psychological study living within the hospital grounds and having interviews with a psychiatrist. In this classic modern play, the characters come to terms with their situations. As the audience, we witness hard conversations, emotional fractures, and experience moments of sincere humor. No one will live forever, and the play challenges us to face that reality. In the end, the play inspires us to embrace the opportunities that exist in each precious moment of life.


The cast of The Shadow Box
Character Actor
Joe Matthew Smith
Maggie Jennifer Bennett
Steve Wes Richardson
Brian Macon Kimbrough
Mark Benjamin Papa
Beverly Christi Dortch
Felicity Patricia Rulon
Agnes Memory Strong
Interviewer Joyce Jeffries


The crew for The Shadow Box
Position Crew Member
Director David McGinnis
Stage Manager Delores McCreery
Producer Rob Miller
Sound Amanda Rainey
Costumes Christen Heilman
Poster Design Tom Ventress, Ventress Design Works
Pre-show Musician Heidi Burson

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