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Separate Tables

by Terence Rattigan

Performance Dates

October 27-November 11, 2000


The cast of Separate Tables
Character Actor
Mabel Cathy Lohmeier-Doona
Lady Matheson Linda Speir
Mrs. Railton-Bell Anne Tonelson
Miss Meacham Adele Akin
Doreen Kimberly Lanza
Mr. Van De Vries William Van Heck
Mrs. Ann Shankland Cinda McCain
Miss Cooper Krys Collins
Mr. Malcom Frank Preston
Charles Stratton Andy Behrens
Jean Tanner Stratton Rebekah Durham
Major Pollock Bob Young
Sibyl Railton-Bell Lissa Threlkeld
Casual Diner Arlena Hayden
Casual Diner Kenneth Garner


The crew for Separate Tables
Position Crew Member
Director Bob O'Connell
Assistant Director Art Elrod
Producer Jennifer Rybolt
Stage Manager Robin Guest
Assistant Stage Manager Kenneth Garner
Costumer Krys Collins
Lighting Design Bob Cantler
Set Design Sam Craig
Set Construction Valendia Smith
Chad Duvall
Set Dressing Stephen Henry
Sound Design Bob O'Connell
Sound Execution Bill Herrick
Props Suzanne Doyle
Make-up Maryanna Clarke
Costume Crew Cinda McCain
Kimberly Lanza
Cathy Lohmeier-Doona
Adele Akein
Robin Guest
Backstage Crew Cornelia Garner
Program / Advertising Design Danny Proctor
Photography Gregg Colson

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