The School for Wives

Justin McDonald, Laurel Baker, Dake Clarke
(left to right)

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The School for Wives

by Molière

Performance Dates

January 29-February 13, 1999


The cast of The School for Wives
Character Actor
Arnolphe Dake Clarke
Agnes Francie Murphey
Horace J. Riley Bryant
Alain Justin McDonald
Georgette Laurel Baker
Chrysalde Rick Harrell
Enrique Doug Miller
Oronte Louis Geresy
Notary Shawn McWhorter


The crew for The School for Wives
Position Crew Member
Director Richard H. Seay, Jr.
Producer Jordan S. Keller
Stage Manager John Wilson
Assistant Stage Manager Rosanne Cornbrooks
Scenic Designer Gregg E. Colson
Scenic Painter Kim Russell
Technical Director Jonathan Stephens
Costume Designer Caryn White
Lighting Designer Les Beaver
Sound Designers Jordan Keller
Rick Seay
Make-up Consultant Hank Hildebrand
Sound Execution Rosanne Cornbrooks
Lighting Execution John Wilson
Publicity Jack E. Chambers

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