The Rivals

Rick Harrell, Jack E. Chambers, Mike McFaden
(left to right)

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The Rivals

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Performance Dates

March 3-18, 2000


The cast of The Rivals
Character Actor
Fag Shawn McWhorter
David / Thomas Bob Young
Lydia Languish Sharon Collins
Lucy Delores McCreery
Julia Krys Collins
Sir Anthony Absolute David Arnholter
Mrs. Malaprop Wesley Paine
Captain Jack Absolute Mike McFaden
Faulkland Jack E. Chambers
Bob Acres Rick Harrell
Sir Lucius O'Trigger Terry Thompson
Toby Jeff Gossage
Lenster Kevin Gossage


The crew for The Rivals
Position Crew Member
Director Richard H. Seay, Jr.
Producer Jordan Keller
Associate Producers Nicole Middleton
Jennifer Rybolt
Stage Manager Rosanne Cornbrooks
Assistant Stage Manager Jay Frye
Costume Coordinator Caryn White
Scenic Painting Design Kim Russell
Scenic Painters Kim Russell
Nicole Middleton
Technical Advisors Anthony Catalano
Gregg E. Colson
Lighting Design Warren Stiles
Makeup Consultant Hank Hildebrand
Light Crew Amy Morel
Jack E. Chambers
Sound Execution Justin Harvey
Program / Advertising Design Danny Proctor
Photography Gregg E. Colson

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