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Richard III

by William Shakespeare

Performance Dates

February 1-16, 2002


The cast of Richard III
Character Actor
Executioner / Norfolk Kay Ayers-Sowell
Brakenbury / Richmond Matthew Bond
Buckingham Jack E. Chambers
Rivers Sharon Collins
Hastings Caroline Davis
Prince / Young Clarence John Early
York Ned Hildebrand
Mayor Jack Hoke
Executioner / Tyrell Jason Edward Lewis
Catesby Jim Manning
Richard, Duke of Gloucester Marc Mazzone
Quieen Elizabeth Neely O'Brien
King Edward IV / Ratcliff Robert A. O'Connell
Duchess of York Wesley Paine
Margaret T. Altricia Pruitt
Anne Julie Temmler
Stanley, the Lord of Derby Weldon Stice
Clarence / Blunt Terry Thompson
Cleric Edwin M. Walker
Gray / Soldier Jim Wright


The crew for Richard III
Position Crew Member
Director Hank Hildebrand
Producers Maggi Bowden
Doug Whatley
Stage Manager Kendra Carter
Costumer Krys Collins
Set and Lighting Design Anne Willingham
Sound Design Lynn Bowden
Properties Jill Mothershed
Weapons Consultant and Assistance John Roberts
Production Assistance Jennifer Rybolt
Costume Assistance Maggi Bowden
Mancia Davis

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