Jack E. Chambers, Christa Foss, Judy Jackson, Rick Seay
(left to right)

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by George Bernard Shaw

Performance Dates

September 15-17, 21-24, 28-30, October 1 2000


The cast of Pygmalion
Character Actor
Henry Higgins Rick Seay
Clara Eynsford-Hill Christa Foss
Mrs. Eynsford-Hill Judy Jackson
Male Bystander / Cabbie Kurt Schlachter
Freddy Eynsford-Hill Jack E. Chambers
Eliza Doolittle Sharon Collins
Col. Pickering Weldon Stice
Female Bystander / Maid Carmen Benick
Sarcastic Bystander Byron Rice
Mrs. Pearce Mancia Davis
Alfred Doolittle Bob O'Connell
Mrs. Higgins Penny Waller


The crew for Pygmalion
Position Crew Member
Director Rosanne Combrooks
Producer Daryl Pike
Stage Manager Jennifer Waldrop
Assistant Stage Manager Danny Proctor
Production Advisor / Sound Jordan Keller
Costume Design / Execution Rick Harrell
Props / Set Dressing Ellen Carlton
Lighting Design Warren Stiles
Set Design Anthony Catalano
Sound Execution Todd Ridley
Program / Advertising Design Danny Proctor
Accent Coach Karen Eke

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