Private Lives

Rick Seay, Caroline D. Newcomb
(left to right)

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Private Lives

by Noël Coward

Performance Dates

April 23-May 9, 1999


The cast of Private Lives
Character Actor
Sibyl Chase Sharon Collins
Elyot Chase Rick Seay
Victor Prynne Stan R. Ferguson
Amanda Prynne Caroline D. Newcomb
Louise Debi Shinners


The crew for Private Lives
Position Crew Member
Director Brian T. Hill
Producers Mancia Davis
Jeremy Fountain
Stage Manager Daryl Pike
Set Design Jonathan Stephens
Lighting Design Scott Boyd
Sound Design Obadiah Ewing-Roush
Costume Design Rosanne Cornbrooks
Properties Design Deanna Glasser
Judy Jackson
Set Dressing Rick Harrel
Master Electrician Jack E. Chambers
Technical Assistance Jack E. Chambers
Justin Harvey
Cathy Matthews
Light Board Operator Emily Apuzzo
Charles Schaller
Sound Board Operator Vicki L. Jones
Running Crew Patrick R. McClure
William McKinney
French Dialect Coach Rick Seay
Program/Advertising Design Danny Proctor

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