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The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

by Jay Presson Allen

Performance Dates

September 11-27, 1992


The cast of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Character Actor
Sister Helena Judy Jackson
Mr. Perry Charles Howard
Jean Brodie Sean O'Connell
Sandy Jenny Wallace
Jenny Kari Cherie Himelrick
Monica Ashley Spear
Mary Macgregor Kathryn Stinson
Miss Mackay Anne Tonelson
Gordon Lowther Jim Himelrick
Teddy Lloyd Randy Noël
Schoolgirls Dawnn Lackey
Caroline Baker
Sheri Porter


The crew for The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Position Crew Member
Director Marianne Clark
Producers Ken Jackson
D.J. Ranta
Stage Managers Soni Strassle
Sheri Porter
Dialect Coach Jim Watson
Publicity Randy Noël
Properties Karen Himelrick
Bobette Spear
Soni Strassle
Costuming "Mom" Mary Porter
Soni Strassle
Jenny Wallace
Lighting D.J. Ranta
Sound Design/Recording Bob O'Connell
House Manager Bob O'Connell

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