The Pirates of Penzance

Daniel Vincent, Elizabeth Hayes, Joe Robinson
(left to right)

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The Pirates of Penzance

by W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

Performance Dates

January 30-February 14, 2009


The cast of The Pirates of Penzance
Character Actor
Pirate King Joe Robinson
Samuel, his lieutenant L.T.
Frederic Daniel Vincent
Wilbur David Bayer
Seamus Bob Fish
Sean, the beast Jonathan Hayes
Old Fred Danny Proctor
Ruth, pirate maid of all work Elizabeth Hayes
Isabel Lynda Cameron-Bayer
Edith Whitney Rose Cone
Ginger Caroline Davis
Kate Jessica Lynn French
Clara Amy Smith
Mabel Valerie Navarre
Major-General Stanley Hank Hildebrand
Sergeant of Police Jeffrey K. Williams
Officer Shelley Dan McGeachy
Officer Stabler Daryl Pike
Officer Raynerd Vance Nichols
Officer Stanford Brian Wright


Keyboard Lee Druce
Flute Vanessa Davis


The crew for The Pirates of Penzance
Position Crew Member
Director & Musical Director Dan McGeachy
Co-Musical Director Lee Druce
Choreographer Kate Adams Johnson
Co-producers Jervon Dailey
Jennifer Rybolt
Sue Stinemetz
Stage Manager Bob Roberts
Assistant Stage Manager Anne-Geri' Fann
Set Design Doug Whatley
Set Construction Bob Fish
Jonathan Hayes
Pete Hiett
Daryl Pike
Donald Powell
Joe Stinemetz
Daniel Vincent
Brian Wright
Lighting Design Cathy Matthews
Lighting Crew David Bayer
Lynda Cameron-Bayer
Elsie Clark
Steven Steele
Sound Design Lynn Bowden
Costumes Kay Ayers-Sowell
Lynda Cameron-Bayer
Elsie Clark
Melissa Hade
Kathy Gore
Elizabeth Hayes
Chase Jeffords
David McGinnis
Jennifer Rybolt
Properties Chase Jeffords
Scenic Artist Brian Wright
Publicity Jervon Dailey
Danny Proctor
Amy Smith
Poster & Program Design Danny Proctor

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