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The Philadelphia Story

by Philip Barry

Performance Dates

September 10-12, 16-19, 23-25, 2004


The cast of The Philadelphia Story
Character Actor
Dinah Lord Molly Thomas
Tracy Lord Stephanie Vickers
Margaret Lord Trish Moalla
Alexander (Sandy) Lord Robert Tarkan Doseil
William (Uncle Willie) Tracy Bob Young
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie Jerri Owen
Macauley (Mike) Connor John Devine
George Kittredge Marc Mazzone
C. K. Dexter Haven Chaz Howard
Seth Lord Michael Oliver
Thomas / Butler Donagh Gleason
Mac / Security / Reverend Parsons Matthew Gregory Davis
Elsie-May / Maid Patricia Cunningham


The crew for The Philadelphia Story
Position Crew Member
Director Melissa Williams
Stage Manager Suzanne Gleason
Assistant Stage Manager Eric Ventress
Producer Doug Whatley
Costume Design Melissa Bedinger-Hade
Assistant Costume Design Deanna Glasser
Set Design Melissa Williams
Pete Hiett
Sound Design Lynn Bowden
Lighting Design Doug Whatley
Set Coordinator Pete Hiett
Costume Construction Maggi Bowden
Kirby Hade
Marcia Hager
Lighting Execution Ted Eveland
Backstage Assistant Sarah Beth Weintraub
Fight Choreography David Bayer

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