Our Town

Foreground: Douglas Goodman, Kaytie Morris
(left to right)

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Our Town

by Thornton Wilder

Performance Dates

March 5-20, 1999


The cast of Our Town
Character Actor
Stage Manager Kay Ayers-Sowell
Dr. Gibbs Jim Wright
Joe Crowell Christopher Campbell
Howie Newsome Stan Ferguson
Mrs. Gibbs Pat Rulon
Mrs. Webb Krys Collins
George Gibbs Douglas Goodman
Rebecca Gibbs Kaitlin Steer
Wally Webb Will Blum
Emily Webb Kaytie Morris
Professor Willard, Mr. Carter Jonathan Stephens
Editor Webb Blaine Pickett
Woman in Balcony, Among Dead Deanna Glasser
Lady in Box Sharon Collins
Simon Stimson Danny Proctor
Mrs. Soames Linda Speir
Constable Warren Tim W. Howell
Si Crowell, Baseball Player Will Ables
Schoolboy, Among Dead Colin Hill
Schoolboy, Among Dead Josh Yates
Schoolgirl Sara Stinemetz
Joe Stoddard, Belligerent Man Robert O'Connell


The crew for Our Town
Position Crew Member
Director Gregg Colson
Producer Jennifer Rybolt
Stage Manager Bill Herrick
Assistant Stage Manager Dana Fyke
Costume Design Rick Harrell
Costume Crew Krys Collins
Deanna Glasser
Lighting Design Les Beaver
Light Execution David Arnholter
Melissa Williams
Sound Design Lynn Bowden
Sound Execution Jeremy Fountain
Shawn McWhorter
Properties Heather Pedigo
Rick Seay
Sue Stinemetz
Caryn White
Construction Joe Stinemetz
Jack E. Chambers
Publicity Jack E. Chambers

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