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Murder in the Cathedral

by T.S. Eliot

Performance Dates

Fall, 1989


The cast of Murder in the Cathedral
Character Actor
Townswomen Arita Trahan
Helen Aikens
Jane Rainey
Priests Phil Perry
Shelton Clark
Tom Dolan
Henry II Robert O'Connell
Messenger / Attendant Wesley Bowling
Thomas Becket Mark Everitt
Tempters 1-3 J. Leon Miller
1st Knight Robert Heirs
2nd Knight Robert O'Connell
3rd Knight Charles Howard
4th Knight Lane Wright


The crew for Murder in the Cathedral
Position Crew Member
Director A. Sean O'Connell
Assistant to the Director Arita Trahan
Producer Bill Staley
Assistant to the Producer Leigh Ann Staley
Technical Director Bill Staley
Stage Manager Melissa Williams
Costume Design Randy Parsons
Cover Design Greg Grimsley
Sound Design Robert O'Connell
Costume Execution Randy Parsons
Coleman Hilme
Catherine Gray
Michelle Laws
Susan Du Pont
Set Construction Bill Staley
Greg Grimsley, Sr.
Greg Grimsley, Jr.
Kirk Brown
Opening Night Reception Catherine Gray
Church Liaison Randy Parsons

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