Much Ado About Nothing

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Much Ado About Nothing

by William Shakespeare

Performance Dates

May 20-28, 2011


One of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies, Much Ado About Nothing follows the fates of two pair of lovers. Beatrice and Benedick must battle their own pride in a "merry war" of wit, while Hero and Claudio face the nefarious meddling of Don John, whose jealousy threatens both couples. Can deluded friends and flames learn to navigate the hazards of love before destroying their hearts altogether?


The cast of Much Ado About Nothing
Character Actor
Dogberry Doug Allen
Conrade, Ursala Misty Ayres-Miranda
Leonato Philip Brady
Margaret, First Watch Amber Elise Bray
Don John Jonathan Burgess
Balthasar Jack Chambers
Friar Francis, Second Watch Randal Cooper
Verges, Messenger Patrick Goedicke
Hero Katie Lane
Beatrice Kelly Lapczynski
Don Pedro Jeremy Maxwell
Borachio Russell Qualls
Antonio, Sexton Billy Rosenberg
Benedick Breck Wilhite
Claudio Lucas Womack


The crew for Much Ado About Nothing
Position Crew Member
Director Brittany Carlton
Producer J.G. Vinson
Stage Manager Eric Ventress
Assistant Stage Manager Melodee Freeman
Casting Assistant Julia Wall Bayles
Scenic Design Brittany Carlton
Costume Design Amber Elise Bray
Costume Assistant Sarah Martino
Properties Artisans Melodee Freeman
Lauren Carlton
Breck Wilhite
Lights, Scenic Painting Cast and Crew
Poster Design Tom Ventress, Ventress Design Works
ACT 1 Board Liaison Matthew Scott Baxter

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