Mrs. Warren's Profession

Pat Rulon and Starina Johnson
(left to right)

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Mrs. Warren's Profession

by George Bernard Shaw

Performance Dates

April 10-11, 15-18, 2009


The cast of Mrs. Warren's Profession
Character Actor
Mrs. Warren Pat Rulon
Vivie Warren Starina Johnson
Praed John Michnya
Sir George Crofts Dan Millard
Frank Gardner Anthony DeSimone
Rev. Samuel Gardner Billy Rosenberg


The crew for Mrs. Warren's Profession
Position Crew Member
Director David Thoreson
Producer Deanna Glasser
Stage Manager & Sound Kat Hanrahan
Assistant Stage Managers Pete Hiett
Eric Ventress
Set & Props Pete Hiett
David Thoreson
Deanna Glasser
Costume Designer Pat Rulon
Light Designer Nathan Ray
Production Assistants Alex Georgeadis
Dean Georgeadis
Ty Georgeadis
Original Music Mark Beall
Poster & Program Design Rachel R. Sullivan
Board Liasion Jennifer Rybolt

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