The Miracle Worker

Krys Lynam, Zoe Jarman
(left to right)

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The Miracle Worker

by William Gibson

Performance Dates

November 3-19, 1995


The cast of The Miracle Worker
Character Actor
Annie Sullivan Krys Lynam
Helen Keller Zoe Jarman
Captain Keller Jack E. Chambers
Kate Keller Adele Akin
James Keller Graham Grubb
Aunt Ev Melissa Williams
Viney Brenda Jones
Martha Courtney Barnes
Percy Walter Lewis
Dr./Mr. Anagnos Jim Wright
Blind Girls Karla Baker
Rachel Fuqua
Elizabeth Parker
Laura Thielen


The crew for The Miracle Worker
Position Crew Member
Director Dan McGeachy
Producer Mancia Davis
Assistant Director Kaul Williams
Stage Manager Kelly Swinehart
Set Design Franz Elizondo Schmelkes
Lighting Design Stacy Harmon
Sound Design Obadiah Ewing-Roush
Properties Design Mancia Davis
Costume Design Mancia Davis
Makeup Design Hank Hildebrand
Program Design Andrew Flowers
Assistant Stage Manager Melanie Lockett
Technical Director Franz Elizondo Schmelkes
Light Execution Molly Proctor
Sound Eecution Hyla Brown
Interpreters Rachel Glass
Shannon Wood

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