The Memorandum

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The Memorandum

by Václav Havel

Performance Dates

May 4-19, 2012


The Memorandum is an absurd comedy in which the managing director of an organization must navigate the waters of bureaucracy in order to translate a memo in the company's new official language. Along the way he encounters many familiar characters in his co-workers. Along the way, he experiences the ultimate highs and lows of office life. A comedy examining the purpose of language and the absurdity of endless bureaucracy.


The cast of The Memorandum
Character Actor
Brown Billy Rosenberg
Kubs/Suba Bob Roberts
Masat Brittany Paul
Josh Christopher Crouch
Kunc Laura Crockarell
Alice Emory Colvin
Shelley Terra Buschmann
Gross Joe Shepherd
Tallie Jennifer Bennett
Balas Kristopher Wente
Kalous Jenny Crawford


The crew for The Memorandum
Position Crew Member
Director Wilhelm Peters
Producer/Costumes Elaina Shaver
Stage Manager Katie Veglio
Set Design Ryan Williams
Props Pat Bridges
Light Design Paul Cook
Production Design Aaron Beck
Poster Design Tom Ventress, Ventress Design Works

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