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The Member of the Wedding

by Carson McCullers

Performance Dates

March 6-22, 1998


The cast of The Member of the Wedding
Character Actor
Bernice Sadie Brown S. Neal Young
Frankie Addams Zoe Jarman
John Henry West Corbin Hedley Williams
Jarvis Jack E. Chambers
Janice Kathryn Alexander
Mr. Addams Jim Wright
Mrs. West Cinda McCain
Helen Fletcher Karla Rachel Baker
Doris Rachael Anne Chase
Voice of Sis Laura Delores McCreery
T.T. Williams Leonard Burns Williamson, Jr.
Honey Camden Brown Jonathan Barrett Wiggins
Barney McKean Ryan Voltz
The Girls Katie Lynn Jones
Sarah McCreery


The crew for The Member of the Wedding
Position Crew Member
Director Robert A. O'Connell
Producers Arita Trahan
A. Sean O'Connell
Assistant Director Deanna Glasser
Stage Manager Joy Khimenko
Assistant Stage Manager Delores McCreery
Set Design Jonathan Stephens
Set Execution Jay Frey
Jonathan Stephens
Jerry Binaman
Mike Sharp
Rick Harrell
Kathryn Alexander
Jim Wright
A. Sean O'Connell
Joy Khimenko
Alexi Khimenko
Set Decoration and Properties Rick Harrell
Linda Floyd
Properties Wrangler Holly Young
Costumes Karen Bernard
Chantell LeCoquie
Lighting Design Cathy Mathews
Mancia Davis
Lighting Execution Joy Khimenko
Sound Design Robert A. O'Connell
Sound Execution Kelly Deleski
Original Music Mark Horwitz
Hair Design HairVoyant
Make-up Coralie LeCoquie
Rachael Anne Chase
Publicity Jack E. Chambers
Scenic Painting Jay Frey
Jonathan Stephens

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