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A Man for All Seasons

by Robert Bolt

Performance Dates

February 15-March 2, 1991


The cast of A Man for All Seasons
Character Actor
The Common Man Robert O'Connell
Sir Thomas More Edwin Mullen
Master Richard Rich Don Terry
Duke of Norfolk Forrest McFatridge
Lady Alice More Marianne Clark
Lady Margaret More Jenny Wallace
Cardinal Wolsey Jim Baird
Thomas Cromwell Brian Russell
Signor Chapuys Paul Felton
Willaim Roper Trey Follis
King Henry the Eighth Randy Noël
Catherine Anger Rita Frizzell
Thomas Cranmer Phil Patston


The crew for A Man for All Seasons
Position Crew Member
Director A. Sean O'Connell
Producers Paul Felton
Cabot Pyle
Associate Producer Randy Parsons
Stage Manager Melissa Williams
Assistant Stage Manager Soni Strassle
Technical Director Kirk Brown
Properties Soni Strassle
Jim Denton
Scenic Execution Kirk Brown
Kim Denton
Beverly Bain
Lighting Design Steve Ostrow
Lighting Execution Jeff Wagner
Sound Effects Dan Easterly
Music Design Dan Easterly
Sound Execution Kirk Boyer
Costume Acquisition Paul Felton
Costume Design and Execution Soni Strassle
Jewelry Luther Ludwig
Dresser LeAnne Johnson
Publicity Cabot Pyle
Graphics Rita Frizzell
Photographer Zaki Daouk
House Manager Linda Craighead
Wassail Wrangler Catherine Gray

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