The Man From Earth

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The Man From Earth

by Jerome Bixby

Performance Dates

March 30-April 14, 2012


After history professor John Oldman unexpectedly resigns from the University, his colleagues press him for an explanation. He asks them what conditions might allow a man from the late Cro-Magnon era to survive until the present day (14,000 years). His fellow professors play along, and they propose ideas and thoughts from each of their specialty fields. They are understandably shocked when he confesses that the story is true - and it's his story. Curiosity wars with intellect as they attempt to poke holes in his narrative, but the tale is as impossible to disprove as it is to verify. Tempers flare, beliefs are challenged, friendships are threatened, and reality becomes a shaky thing indeed.


The cast of The Man From Earth
Character Actor
John David Bayer
Sandy Kellye Mitchell
Harriet Diana Holland
Dan Bob Fish
Edith Layne Sasser
Art Patrick Goedicke
Linda Samantha Rogers
Gruber David Thoreson


The crew for The Man From Earth
Position Crew Member
Director Elizabeth Hayes
Producers Donald Powell
L.T. Kirk
Stage Manager Melodee Freeman
Set Designer Ryan Williams
Lighting Designer David McGinnis
Sound Design Todd Kirby
Sound Tech Amanda Rainey
Poster Design Rodrick Topp

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