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by Aristophanes

Performance Dates

March 4-19, 2016


When a brave group of women decide to stand up for peace, they find a powerful, yet unlikely strategy to get their own way. They tell their men the sex stops unless they stop fighting. Lysistrata by Aristophanes has been given a modern twist and dropped into a modern-day woman's prison in ACT 1’s bold new take on this classic.


The cast of Lysistrata
Character Actor
Lysistrata Cat Arnold
Cleonice Maggie Pitt
Myrrhine Christen Heilman
Lampito Terry Occhiogrosso
Peace/Rhea Megan Blevins
C Girl/Freyja Sarah Shepherd
Guard Eric Butler
Pothos Eric Ventress
Linus/Herald Tyler Osborne
Cephalus/Envoy Philip Boston
Clitoreese Holly Butler
Enyo Cate Jo
Magistrate Austin Olive
Cinesias Michael James Thomas


The crew for Lysistrata
Position Crew Member
Director & Adaptation Bradley Moore
Assistant Director & Technical Director Taylor Novak
Stage Manager Eric Butler
Dramaturge Elizabeth Turner
Rap Coordinator Justin Boyd
Props Bradley Moore
Eric Butler
Lighting Design Dave McGinnis
Costume Design Joy Tilley Perryman
Set Design Bradley Moore
Taylor Novak
Sound Design Bradley Moore
Poster Design David Arnold
Production Photography Jessica Whitaker
Light Board Operator Tamara Cecala
Sound Board Operator Julia Nettles

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