Oh, What A Lovely War!

Jordan Keller, Caroline Davis, Douglas Goodman
(left to right)

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Oh, What A Lovely War!

by Joan Littlewood

Performance Dates

May 14-28, 2010


The cast of Oh, What A Lovely War!
Character Actor
Ensemble Riley Bryant
  Savannah Crafton
  Caroline Davis
  Rachel Gabriel
  Douglas Goodman
  Emily Mowry
  Matt Moynihan
  Rebecca Nelson
  Daniel Sadler
  Jennifer Whitcomb-Olivia


Piano Jane Kelley Watt
Brian Hill
Drums / Triangle Kevin Fogarty


The crew for Oh, What A Lovely War!
Position Crew Member
Director / Choreographer Rick Seay
Music Director Jane Kelley Watt
Stage Managers Daryl Pike
Nick Caprioli
Producers Jennifer Rybolt
Sue Stinemetz
Properties Mistress Pat Bridges
Multimedia Presentation Nick Caprioli
Gregg Colson
Lighting Design Cathy Matthews
Lighting Crew Phillip Froeter
Steven Steele
Light Board Operator (opening week) Joseph Connor
Set Design Gregg Colson
Master Carpenter Pete Hiett
Set Build Crew Hank Connor, Patrick Connor, Daniel Sadler
Assistant Stage Managers Kim Connor, Becky Taylor
Costume Design Maggi Bowden
Gloria Morrissey
Seamstresses Elsie Clark
Becky Goodman
Kathy Gore
Chase Jeffords
Gun & Horse Creation Joe Stinemetz
Scenic Painting Brian Wright
Program Design Danny Proctor
Photography Heavenly Perspective
ACT 1 Board Liason Sara Stinemetz

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