Oh, What A Lovely War!

Pat Rulon, Douglas Goodman
(left to right)

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Oh, What A Lovely War!

by Joan Littlewood

Performance Dates

March 14-30, 1997


The cast of Oh, What A Lovely War!
Character Actor
Ensemble Elizabeth Bell
  James R. Bryant
  Jack E. Chambers
  Andy Delicata
  Douglas Goodman
  Jordan S. Keller
  Shawn McWhorter
  Noelle Holly
  Caroline Newcomb
  Danny Proctor
  Rachel Paul
  Mandy Price
  Pat Rulon
  Theresa Veasey
  Lynda Wilkerson
  John Wilson


Piano Jane Kelley-Watt
Bass Fred Clinard
Clarinet Amy Bayersdorfer
Friesia Schuil
Flute Mindy Carpenter
Piccolo Synnove Torgersen
Percussion Karlton Scott
Grady Hall


The crew for Oh, What A Lovely War!
Position Crew Member
Director and Choreographer Richard H. Seay, Jr.
Music Director Jane Kelley-Watt
Producers Ramona Richards
Susan Stinemetz
Stage Manager Linda Smith
Assistant Stage Managers Jay Frey
Kim Russell
Costume Designer Becky Goodman
Costume Props Construction Maggi Bowden
Multimedia Director Gregg Colson
Multimedia Designers Chris Bybee
Andrew Flowers
Alicia Thompson
Sound Designer Donnie Thompson
Lighting Designer Kitty Norton
Master Electrician Cathy Matthews
Technical Director Mancia Davis
Scenic Painting Kim Russell
Properties Cecilia Dumlao
Shirley Tucker
Special Props Construction Joe Stinemetz
Lightboard Operators David Arnholter
Kim Gunn
Soundboard Operator John Paul Stewart
Lighting Crew Jack Chambers
Krys Collins
Mancia Davis
Cathy Matthews
Set Crew J.R. Bryant
Douglas Goodman
Jay Frey
John Wilson
Poster Art Kim Russell
Publicity Rick Seay

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