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Look Homeward, Angel

by Ketti Frings

Performance Dates

February 21-March 7, 1992


The cast of Look Homeward, Angel
Character Actor
Eugene Gant Paul Marshall
Ben Gant Charles Howard
Mrs. Marie "Fatty" Pert Janet Coscarelli
Helen Gant Barton Jill Bates
Hugh Barton Leslie McKinney
Eliza Gant Peg Allen
Will Pentland Wayne Penn
Jake Clatt Adam Burnett
Mrs. Clatt Darci Cotten
Florry Mangle Amy Sibulkin
Miss Brown Sandy Rutter
Mr. Farrel Richard Gabel
Laura James Kate Guzenski
W.O. Gant David Knudtson
Dr. Maguire Robert A. O'Connell
Madame Elizabeth Esther Huston
Luke Gant Richard Gabel


The crew for Look Homeward, Angel
Position Crew Member
Director Kirk Brown
Assistant Director Rita Frizzell
Producers Rita Frizzell
Kirk Brown
Stage Manager Meri Porter
Scenic Design Kirk Brown
Sound Design Rita Frizzell
Kirk Brown
Costumer Sheri Porter
Costumer for Eliza Barbara Moore
Properties Suzan Moore
The Angel Statue Barbara Moore
Scenic Execution Kirk Brown
D.J. Ranta
Sheri Porter
Rita Frizzell
David Arnholter
Hill Mullins
The Cast
Lighting Execution Mike Simpkins
Sound Execution Elizabeth Gamble
Properties Execution Sheri Porter
Set Dresser Joel Meriwether
Garden Marty Cloud
Publicity and Marketing Cabot Pyle
Poster & Program Design Anthony Hodge
House Manager Tom Mullins
Technical Advisor Randy Parsons

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