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The Lion in Winter

by James Goldman

Performance Dates

February 1-10, 1990


The cast of The Lion in Winter
Character Actor
Henry II, King of England Rob Daniel
Alais Capet Melissa Bedinger
John Kirk Brown
Geoffrey Thom Byrum
Richard Tom Mullins
Elanor of Aquitaine Peg Allen
Philip Capet, King of France Tim Holder


The crew for The Lion in Winter
Position Crew Member
Director Greg Grimsley, Sr.
Producer Bill Staley
Assistant to the Producer Leigh Ann Staley
Stage Manager Melissa Williams
Set Design Bill Staley
Set Decoration Melissa Williams
Lou Grimsley
Set Construction Kirk Brown
Greg Grimsley, Sr.
Greg Grimsley, Jr.
Jim Butts
Tom Mullins
Bill Staley
Tommy Scales
Shelton Clark
Roy Tucker
Lighting Design & Execution Bill Staley
Sound Design Greg Grimsley
Bill Staley
Sound Execution Leigh Ann Staley
Technical Consultant Randy Parsons
Costume Coordinator Thom Byrum
Costume Construction Mary Porter
Randy Parsons
Coleman Hilme
Catherine Gray
Michelle Laws
Susan DuPont
House Management Sean O'Connell
Publicity Paul Felton
Marketing Andi Nickell

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