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by Michel Marc Bouchard

Performance Dates

November 7-15, 2014


In 1952 in Quebec, a group of ex-prisoners led by the wrongfully-imprisoned Simon, lure a Bishop to meet with them under false pretenses. Thinking he has come to discuss their rehabilitation, he is instead forced to witness a dramatic reenactment of events that occurred 40 years earlier when he and Simon were schoolmates in the provincial Canadian town of Roberval. This tragic story of forbidden love, untimely death and long-awaited retribution unfolds through a series of dramatic episodes enacted by the prisoners for the benefit of their unwilling audience of one.


The cast of Lilies
Character Actor
Bishop Jean Bilodeau Phil Brady
Simon Doucet/Timothée John Silvestro
Young Simon Bradley Moore
Count Vallier de Tilly Daniel DeVault
Young Bilodeau Ricardo Puerta
Countess Marie-Laure de Tilly Chuck Long
Father Saint-Michel/Baron de Hüe Doug Allen
Mademoiselle Lydie-Anne de Rozier Michael Rex
Student/Baroness de Hüe Bryan Lelek


The crew for Lilies
Position Crew Member
Director Matt Smith
Assistant Director Memory Strong
Producer Asa Ambrister
Lighting Design Dave McGinnis
Poster & Program Cover Design Tom Ventress, Ventress Design Works

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