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Cast & Crew Memories

Danny Proctor What a delight! Hank Hildebrand needs to direct more! My character, Owen, was an observer of the madness but he had some great lines. A fun, fun show! Caroline called me "Snoogie" in the show and still does! [10.25.05]

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Light Up The Sky

by Moss Hart

Performance Dates

April 25-May 11, 1997


The cast of Light Up The Sky
Character Actor
Miss Lowell Pat Rulon
Carleton Fitzgerald Frank Preston
Frances Black Caroline Newcomb
Owen Turner Danny Proctor
Stella Livingston Maggi Bowden
Peter Sloan Jack C. Chambers
Sidney Black Rick Seay
Irene Livingston Arita Trahan
Tyler Rayburn Steven Davidson
William H. Gallagher Bob Young
Max / Policeman Jay Frey
Shriners Bob Young
Jay Frey


The crew for Light Up The Sky
Position Crew Member
Director Hank Hildebrand
Producers Rick Harrell
Jordan Keller
Stage Manager Mancia Davis
Assistant Stage Manager Tarantula Diaz
Scenic Designer Kim Russell
Costume Designer Rick Harrell
Sound Designer Lynn Bowden
Properties Laura Locke
Lighting Designer Gregg Colson
Lighting Execution Kimm Gunn
Set Crew Les Beaver
Mel Doombs
Linda Floyd
Kimm Gunn
Laura Locke
Ned Hildebrand
Daryl Pike
Publicity Rick Seay

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