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The Lark

by Jean Anouilh

Performance Dates

September 10-26, 1993


The cast of The Lark
Character Actor
Warwick David Winton
Cauchon Barney Crockarell
Joan Jennifer Noël
Joan's Father Xyzzy James
Joan's Mother P.C. Denver
Joan's Brother Robert Marigza
The Promoter Clayton Cheek
The Inquisitor Dennis Boggs
Brother Ladvenu Mark E. Powell
Robert de Beaudricourt Bob Young
Agnes Sorel Leslie Bowman
The Little Queen Nicolle Coke
Chales, the Dauphin Ray C. Thornton
Queen Yolande Wesley Paine
Monsieur de la Tremouille Jessejames Locorriere
Archbishop of Reims Bob Young
Captain la Hire Jessjames Locorriere
Executioner Robert Marigza
Soldiers Robert Myers
Ryan Shogren
Scribe Jennie Smith


The crew for The Lark
Position Crew Member
Director Tony McAlister
Producers Donna Allen
Randy Noël
Assistant to the Director Lori Rizzo
Stage Manager Melissa Williams
Assistant Stage Manager Allison Black
Set Design Randy Parsons
Lighting Design Jesper Luth
Sound Design Tony McAlister
Jim Stewart
Poster Design Annie Freeman
Light Execution D.J. Ranta
Sound Execution Mike Rhodes
Properties Ray Ingram
Set Construction Crew Chief D.J. Ranta
Set Construction Ashley Horne
Charles & Meri Howard
Mark Powell
Dennis Ewing
Kimberly Irion
Lindsey King
Randy Parsons
Sarah Phillips
Lori Rizzo
David, Eric, & Sarah Winton
Photographer Martin O'Connor
House Manager Robin Heriges
Hostess Sue Winton

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