Lady Windermere's Fan

Caroline Davis, Emily White
(left to right)

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Cast & Crew Memories

Danny Proctor My first time to work in a show directed by Melissa, although we've been friends for years. I thought she'd lost her mind when she staged all those dances with a cast of thousands... but it worked beautifully! The costumes were matchless and the cast was top notch. Caroline was gorgeous and brilliant, of course. Dear Linda kept me in stitches. Michael and I had a blast as Dumby and Cecil. [10.25.05]

Kellye Mitchell I got married on April 24th and this show opened on April 30th. Needless to say, I never actually got to see the show, but it looked really great from behind the curtain! [2.9.06]

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Lady Windermere's Fan

by Oscar Wilde

Performance Dates

April 30-May 15, 2004


The cast of Lady Windermere's Fan
Character Actor
Rosalie, The Maid Jeanne Ackerley
Rose, Rosalie's Child Allison Beck
Jessica Copeland
Lady Windermere Emily White
Parker, The Butler Rodney Wiltfong
Lord Darlington Matthew G. Davis
The Duchess Of Berwick Linda Speir
Lady Agatha Carlisle Jerri Owen
Lord Windermere Kurt Schlachter
Mrs. Cowper-Cowper Kim Gunn
Lady Plymdale Debi Shinners
Mr. Dumby Danny Proctor
Lady Jedburgh Teri Beck
Mr. Hopper Bob Young
Lord Augustus Lorton John Silvestro
Cecil Graham Michael Roark
Mrs. Erlynne Caroline Davis


The crew for Lady Windermere's Fan
Position Crew Member
Director Melissa Bedinger-Hade
Producer Hank Hildebrand
Stage Manager Daryl Pike
Assistant Stage Manager Kellye Mitchell
Board Liaison Sue Stinemetz
Lighting Design Doug Whatley
Daryl Pike
Lighting Crew Matthew G. Davis
Hank Hildebrand
Rodney Wiltfong
Set & Costume Design Melissa Bedinger-Hade
Costume Design Tina Turbeville (Duchess Of Berwick, Lady Agatha)
Jeanne Ackerley (The Maids)
Costume Construction Melissa Bedinger-Hade
Jeanne Ackerley
Maggi Bowden
Kim Gunn
Tina Turbeville
Fan Design Maggi Bowden
Properties Design Wendy Overlock
Dance Coach Jerri Owen
Music Direction & Accompanist Laura Donohue
Music Recording Josh Harper
Graham Bedinger
Set Construction Kirby Hade
Photography Steve Lowry
Daryl Pike
Publicity Jill Mothershed
Caroline Davis

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