Lady Frederick

Kurt Schlachter, Jack E. Chambers, Charles Howard, Caroline Davis
(left to right)

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Cast & Crew Memories

Layne Sasser This was a wonderful show. It was a beautiful show visually and very well-acted. Melissa Bedinger-Hade is the most talented and wonderful director. She created a powerful actor's working experience, and her costumes were remarkable. Caroline and Chaz and all of the cast were on fire!!! [9.26.05]

Daryl Pike The acting was top-notch, the sets were wonderful, the costumes were BEAUTIFUL, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Melissa Hade again after many years. However, the scenes between Layne Sasser and Kirk Brown were PRICELESS!! [10.3.05]

Melissa Hade All of the cast and crew were "Bricks." Loved working on this show. We had fun throughout the process, we laughed and found the joy within the text and within ourselves...the joy of creating a worth while product. I will always cherish the time I spent with these precious artists. [10.25.05]

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Lady Frederick

by Somerset Maugham

Performance Dates

May 2-17, 2003


The cast of Lady Frederick
Character Actor
Lady Mereston, The Marchioness Linda Speir
Maid, Head Of Hotel Staff Layne Sasser
Thompson, Paradine Fouldes' Servant Kirk Brown
Mr. Paradine Fouldes, Lady Mereston's Brother Charles Howard
Admiral Carlisle Bob Young
Rose, The Admiral's Daughter Bethany Honig
Lady Frederick Berolles Caroline Davis
Charles Mereston, The Marquess Jack E. Chambers
Sir Gerald O'mara, Lady Frederick's Brother Kurt Schlachter
Captain Montgomerie, Gerald's Friend Michael Roark
Angelique, Lady Frederick's Maid Debi Shinners
Madame Claude, Lady Frederick's Dressmaker Layne Sasser


The crew for Lady Frederick
Position Crew Member
Director Melissa Bedinger-Hade
Stage Manager Daryl Pike
Costume Design Deanna Glasser
Melissa Hade
Pat Rulon
Debi Shinners
Costume Construction Maggi Bowden
Deanna Glasser
Melissa Hade
Pat Rulon
Debi Shinners
Lighting Design Doug Whatley
Set Design Melissa Hade
Set Construction Kirby Hade
Doug Whatley
Prop Mistress Deanna Glasser
Producers The Cast And Crew
Program Design Danny Proctor

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