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King Lear

by William Shakespeare

Performance Dates

May 1-16, 1992


The cast of King Lear
Character Actor
King Lear Edwin Mullen
Goneril Wesley Paine
Regan Heather Feierabend
Cordelia Jenny Wallace
King of France Marcus Hutcheson
Duke of Burgundy David Carter
Duke of Cornwall Ken Jackson
Duke of Albany Randy Noël
Earl of Kent Richard Northcutt
Earl of Gloucester Robert O'Connell
Edgar Rick Seay
Edmund Kent Agee
Curan Bill Mullins
Old Man/Doctor Richard Dohrmann
The Fool J.W. Noël
Oswald Tony McAlister
Gentleman to Lear Don Terry
Herald/Knight to Lear Anthony Hodge


The crew for King Lear
Position Crew Member
Director Sean O'Connell
Producer Paul Felton
Assistant Director / Stage Manager Robin Heriges
Assistant Stage Manager Rochelle Whittaker
Set Design Sam Craig
Lighting Design and Execution D.J. Ranta
Music Design Bob O'Connell
Special Effects D.J. Ranta
Props Jim Denton
Barbara Moore
Costume Design Soni Strassle
Costume Construction Soni Strassle
Jenny Wallace
Barbara Moore
Head Gear Craig Spain
Randy Noël
Jenny Wallace
Sean O'Connell
Publicity Randy Noël
Publicity Photos Anthony Hodge
Marketing Marianne Clark
Hard Copy / T-Shirt Design Anthony Hodge

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