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To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

Performance Dates

November 5-21, 1993


The cast of To Kill a Mockingbird
Character Actor
Jean Louise Finch Susan Davis
Scout Susan Hunt
Calpurnia Wendy Blue
Maudie Atkinson Judy Jackson
Heck Tate Brad Forrister
Judge Taylor Don Berry
Stephanie Crawford Jill Bates
Mrs. Dubose Janet Coscarelli
Jem Jason Winters
Reverend Sykes Kory Simmons
Bob Ewell Robin Heriges
Dill Erik Smith
Nathan Radley Paul Felton
Atticus Robert O'Connell
Mr. Cunningham Thomas Carlton III
Tom Robinson Joseph Grant
Mr. Gilmer Kenneth Jackson
Helen Robinson Henrietta Hardin
Link Deas Kyle Rybczyk
Boo Radley N. Dake Clarke
Ewell kids Holly Henderson
Kate Heriges
Piero Pecora
Katherine Trammell
Townspeople Amanda Barfield
Barbara Bate
Joanna Bate
Shelley Holmes
Susan McFerrin
Bill Mitchell
Freya Sachs
J.P. Schuffman
Mary Katherine Sisco


The crew for To Kill a Mockingbird
Position Crew Member
Director/Producer A. Sean O'Connell
Assistant to the Producer Paul Felton
Stage Manager Kerry Smith
Assistant Stage Managers Lynnette Anderson
Katherine Grant-Winters
Set Design A. Sean O'Connell
Set Construction Thomas Carlton
Susan Davis
Lawrence Elliott
Brad Forrister
Joseph Grant
Stuart Greer
Greg Kircher
D.J. Ranta
David Winton
Gingerbread Fabrication Randy Parsons
Ham Construction Kristen Keer
Lighting Design D.J. Ranta
Lighting Execution Michael Simpkins
Music and Sound Design Robert O'Connell
Sound Execution S. Michael Smith
Publicity Randy Noël
Photography Martin O'Connor
Paul Felton
Program & Poster Design Paul Felton
Randy Noël
Program & Poster Art James Nihan
Opening Night Reception Suzanne Winton
House Managers Janet Claire
Rhonda Miller
Sandy Rutter
Looby Theater Managers Randy Parsons
Kirk Brown

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