Julius Caesar

Douglas Vail, Eleni McKnight, Danny Proctor, Patricia Cunningham, J. Riley Bryant, Chris Todd, Daryl Pike, Stephanie Conner, Brian Skeggs

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Cast & Crew Memories

Danny Proctor Me? Doing Shakespeare? I always said it would never happen until Rick Seay called me and said I'd have some scenes with John Wilson. So I did it and was so glad I did. Met some wonderful new people and loved working with Riley again. Never pass up the opportunity to work with Rick! Very rewarding; you'll be proud of the show. [10.25.05]

Kellye Bumpus-Mitchell What a cast of talent!! I mopped the blood. Again, another show I never actually got to see, but it sounded great! [2.9.06]

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Julius Caesar

by William Shakespeare

Performance Dates

October 24-November 8, 2003


The cast of Julius Caesar
Character Actor
Flavius / Octavius Caesar Brandon D. Valentine
Marullus / Young Cato / Cinna, The Poet Douglas Vail
Carpenter / Octavius' Assistant / Soldier Stephanie Conner
Fabio, a Cobbler / Soldier Chris Todd
Citizen / Lepidus / Soldier Daryl Pike
Julius Caesar Michael Lyttle
Casca John Wilson
Calpurnia Candy Potts
Marcus Antonius J. Riley Bryant
A Soothsayer / Citizen / Soldier Patricia Cunningham
Marcus Brutus Randall Lancaster
Caius Cassius John Devine
Cicero / Soldier / Pindarus Danny Proctor
Lucia Carleigh Heinlein
Metella Cimber Trish Moalla
Decius Brutus Tony Correro
Portia Bethany Honig
Artimedorus / Lucilius Brian Skeggs
Cinna, a Conspirator Brian Cunningham
Messala / Paparazzo Bob Young
Servant / Antony's Assistant / Soldier Eleni McKnight


The crew for Julius Caesar
Position Crew Member
Director Rick Seay
Producers Maggi Bowden
Jennifer Rybolt
Sue Stinemetz
Stage Manager Suzanne Gleason
Assistant Stage Manager Kellye Bumpus
Set Design Doug Whatley
Set Construction Melissa Hade
Joe Stinemetz
Doug Whatley
Lighting Design Michael Brown
Lighting Design Assistant Lacee Godman
Costume Design Kathy Gore
Costume Crew Robin Jones
Patricia Cunningham
Light Board Operators Leah Thornhill
Lucy White
Sound Design Lynn Bowden
Sound Board Operator David Arnholter
Travis White
Props Jill Mothershead
Photography / Sound Gregg Colson
Program / Ad Design Danny Proctor

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