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Inherit the Wind

by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Performance Dates

Winter, 1995


The cast of Inherit the Wind
Character Actor
Melinda Holly Henderson
Howard Erik Smith
Rachel Brown Kyrie Ravina Dunn
Mr. Meeker David Allen Via
Bertram Cates William Stroud
Storekeeper, Bannister Jim Baird
Mrs. Krebs Pam Garrison
Mrs. Loomis Dana Moore
Reverend Brown Tom Mullins
Corkin, Radio Man Robert Meyers
Townsman, Sillers Travis Harmon
Dunlap Jonathan Stephens
Mrs. McClain Lynette Henderson
Mrs. Blair, Melinda Kate Heriges
Elijah, British Reporter Charles Howard
E.K. Hornbeck Robert O'Connell
Mayor Marc Goldhamer
Mrs. Jones Brenda Jones
Matthew Brady Don Cowan
Mrs. Brady Nan Keenan
Tom Davenport Mike Catalano
Henry Dummond Joe Keenan
Judge Dick Brackett
Olivia Kimble Lisa Covert


The crew for Inherit the Wind
Position Crew Member
Director & Producer A. Sean O'Connell
Stage Manager Kerry Smith
Assistant Stage Managers Lynette Henderson
Gaye Webber
Publicity Shelton Clark
Publicity Photos Rebecca Walk
Set Design Jerry Bingaman
Gregg Colson
Technical Director Jerry Bingaman
Set Execution Gregg Colson
Jonathan Stephens
Ricky Cathy
Chris Sollman
Robin Heriges
Scenic Artists Jonathan Stephens
Cathey Stoecker
Lighting Design Kirk Brown
Light and Sound Execution Mike Paisner
Jay Frey
Music and Sound Design Robert O'Connell
Properties Lynette Anderson
Jerry Bingaman
Jonathan Stephens
Program Design Drew Flowers
Cover Artwork IBN Johnson

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